Pre-order the RetraStrap now at a discount!  We will start shipping worldwide around May, 2018.

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Hands free travel is now possible: Grab the RetraStrap,  wear around your shoulder and you’re instantly handsfree for the rest of the trip. Hold a cup of coffee and talk on the phone or text, push a stroller, hold other items, or simply relax. You are no longer handcuffed to your luggage.


Reduce physical stress: Relax your arm, neck and shoulder muscles and joints from constantly pulling your carry-on in the same twisted position throughout your trip. Walk with a straight posture.

Stable, No wobbling  the elasticity of the attachment works as a shock absorber for an added comfort. It stabilizes the handle and  reduces the wobbling as well as the tension on your shoulder while walking.



Security: The RetraStrap works as an anti-theft and anti-forgetting device, that’s because it keeps the bag physically attached to your body.


Adjustable: The RetraStrap is easily adjustable in length to fit your body size and layers of clothes.

Retractable: Easy to wear and remove. Easy to store.



Let your luggage follow you around hands free!











  • Works with most wheeled carry-on luggage.
  • Retractable: Easy to use and store.
  • Shock absorber for added comfort and stability.
  • Adjustable to work for any body type.
  • Great maneuverability.





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