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Hands free travel is now possible: Grab the RetraStrap,  wear around your shoulder and you’re instantly handsfree for the rest of the trip. Hold a cup of coffee and talk on the phone or text, push a stroller, hold other items, or simply relax. You are no longer handcuffed to your luggage.



Reduce physical stress: Relax your arm, neck and shoulder muscles and joints from constantly pulling your carry-on in the same twisted position throughout your trip. Pulling the weight with the torso instead is much easier. Walk with a straight posture.



Security: The RetraStrap works as an anti-theft and anti-forgetting device, that’s because it keeps the bag physically attached to your body.


  • Retractable: Easy to wear and remove. Easy to store.
  • Great maneuverability. Your luggage follows you around and turns when you turn.
  • Stable, No wobbling  the elasticity of the attachment works as a shock absorber for an added comfort. It stabilizes the handle and  reduces the wobbling as well as the tension on your shoulder while walking.
  • Adjustable: The RetraStrap is easily adjustable in length to fit your body size and layers of clothes.
  • Attaches to most wheeled carry-on luggage. (up to 30lbs. Not suitable for the large check-in bags)


Why drag your luggage? let it follow you around hands free!









Testimonials and Reviews (View more on our Facebook page)

Physiotherapist Karen Finnin Review of the RetraStrap Click here

    5 star review  This device was extremelt helpful when juggling all my luggage and when retrieving items from my purse.

    thumb Renee Mallett

    5 star review  neat but simple invention. the wheeled luggage really do follow you!! quick and easy to install. great product. surprisingly comfortable when wearing only bearing partial weight on your shoulder. cant wait to fully test it when I fly tomorrow. only a matter of time till RetraStrap comes to an airport near you..

    thumb Ray Hirang

    5 star review  I love my RetraStrap! It really came in handy when traveling to Hocking Hills and needing to unload an entire SUV full of suitcases, coolers, and bags. I especially love having my hands free so I can take more beautiful pictures instead of worrying about maneuvering my luggage. Super easy to use and brilliant idea!

    thumb Angela Minnich



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