Adjusting the RetraStrap length and installing it correctly makes all the difference. Please read the instructions or watch the videos below.  



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The correct orientation of the RetraStrap is to have the buckle pointing downward when worn on your torso.

ATTACH THE RETRASTRAP TO THE LUGGAGE HANDLE Insert the Velcro inside the slot and loop around the bag handle.
Make sure the attachment is tight and doesn’t move along the handle.

Attach the RetraStrap firmly on the corner of the handle closest to you. For example if you pull the luggage with
your right hand, attach the RetraStrap on the far left corner of the handle.






sleeve, pull the tip of the strap using the metal D-Ring to detach and unlock the buckle. Find the ideal length (which
is to have the luggage handle at about the same height of your hand while the bag is tipped) lock the buckle, secure
the D-ring into its place, fold the extra strap if any and close the shoulder sleeve.






Always grab the shoulder pad while wearing or removing to prevent tangling.

Wear around your opposite shoulder. Tip the bag and start walking hands free.


Compatibility, Limitations of use, Precautions
For the best experience and most stability; pack the heaviest items in your bag as low as possible near the wheels,
and the lighter items near the top.
The RetraStrap works with most handles, Some T-shaped handles are not compatible
as the attachment may slip out.
The RetraStrap works with carry-on size luggage only and not the big check-in bags due to weight load, weight
distribution, shape and height. Designed to work best with carry-on bags weighing between 15lbs and 30lbs.
The RetraStrap maneuvers the bag and turns up to 90 degrees when you turn as if you are pulling with your hand.
Do not walk backwards while pulling your luggage using the RetraStrap.
The RetraStrap is designed to pull wheeled carry-on luggage and not to carry the load off the ground.
Do not pull luggage using the RetraStrap unless worn around the shoulder in a cross body manner.
The RetraStrap may be used for pulling luggage on flat surfaces only.

For safety, it is recommended that you hold on to the luggage when going through stairs, curbs, elevators, revolving doors, and electric walkways.
Always keep an eye on your surroundings and other people walking around you.
The RetraStrap is meant for pulling luggage hands free while walking only. Running while pulling the luggage using
the RetraStrap may be unsafe and uncomfortable.
The RetraStrap may work with children wheeled school bags or travel bags, adult supervision is advised.
Use the RetraStrap at your own risk.