RetraStrap is now a patented product.

Columbus, OH 07/31/2019

RetraStrap – The Retractable strap to tow wheeled luggage hands free - has just received its notice of allowance from the USPTO and is now a non-provisional utility patent. Invented by Omar Abass, founder and CEO of Retra Products LLC in Columbus, Ohio.

There are many types of carry-on luggage on the market today; cross body shoulder bags, backpacks, four-wheeled spinner or a two-wheeled carryon suitcases, and recently some few motorized and robotic suitcases. They all have their advantages and disadvantages; backpacks and cross body duffels are hands free but the shoulders carry all the weight as opposed to wheeled carry-ons where the weight goes on the wheels instead and constantly require a hand to push or pull. While robotic suitcases are too expensive.

The RetraStrap is designed to give travelers all the advantages of existing carry-on luggage in one simple solution by integrating the hands free characteristic of backpacks and cross body bags with the ease of moving a suitcase on wheels. Think of it as a hybrid between a duffle bag and a wheeled carry-on.

Once adjusted and attached to the carry-on handle and used few times, wearing the RetraStrap takes less than 3 seconds to wear or remove thanks to its retractable mechanism. It doesn’t take space, stores neatly in its housing and is always ready to be grabbed and worn in a cross body manner just like wearing a purse or a duffle bag.

While walking hands free using the RetraStrap, the wheeled bag stays behind the user in the same position and maneuvers in the same manner as if pulled by hand. The RetraStrap also reduces the chances for the bag tipping over because it is not necessary to put it in the standing position when stopping and going or while waiting in line. This makes it safer when on moving objects like buses, trains and electric escalators. It is always possible to reach out for the bag handle to carry it over uneven surfaces or where wheels don’t work. It’s compatible with both two-wheeled and spinners and works on carry-ons up to 30lbs. (an average carry on weighs 15-25lbs)

Having both hands free when you need them at the airport is definitely a huge convenience, whether a business traveler, teenager, or parents traveling with little ones, the RetraStrap is for everyone traveling with a wheeled carry-on.  In addition to freeing both hands to multitask or carry other items, the RetraStrap keeps the bag physically attached to the travelers’ body so it reduces the chances of theft and forgetting the bag somewhere. And finally the RetraStrap has great health benefits; pulling the weight using the torso means less stress on joints and muscles in wrist, elbow, and shoulder. It actually makes the luggage feel 40-50% lighter according to a contest conducted at the 2019 International travel goods show in Las Vegas where users were asked to guess the weight of the luggage while pulled using the RetraStrap.

“I like to compare using the RetraStrap to driving a car with an automatic transmission versus a standard.”

By Omar Abass, CEO and founder of Retra Products LLC

The RetraStrap is available at and ships worldwide.

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