The RetraStrap - World's best hands free solution for carry-on luggage.

It's been about 3 months since we launched the RetraStrap on Kickstarter. We had a great start thanks to our backers who believed in this new product and made it happen. However, now that all pre-orders and new orders are getting delivered, the greatest reward for us was hearing all the good feedback from users who just tried the RetraStrap on their first trip. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing the fact that we created a good product able to help someone make travel less stressful. 

That extra hand you use to pull your carry-on bag can do a lot more than serving as an attachment tool. let the RetraStrap do this job and use your hand for the important tasks, whether holding your coffee, snack, phone, jacket, or simply to scratch your head. not to mention the stress you put on your arm and shoulder muscles and joints from constantly pulling and guiding your bag. 

In addition to all that, the RetraStrap offers an anti-theft and anti-forgetting benefit by keeping the bag attached to your body. 

The RetraStrap is the perfect solution to travel hands free, better than the robotized suitcases that follows you around until the battery dies or until stolen.  Get yours today! 



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